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SHAPED BY NIKA – THE INTENSIVE – Industry dance training & Mindset coaching



Who: aspiring and professional dancers
Program: Intensive industry dance training & mindset coaching
Date: 3. & 4. August 2024
Hours: 4:00 – 9:00 / per day
Age: 16 +
Length: 10 hours
Quantity: Limited Space
Where: West Coast Dance Theatre, Los Angeles


Are you a professional or aspiring professional dancer who wants to ignite that flame that will change the game for you, for good? If so, Shaped by Nika is for you. This intensive training is not just about mastering dance steps; it’s about developing a mindset that cultivates continuous improvement and artistic excellence.


As a world renowned choreographer, professional dancer, and dance educator, through extensive hands-on experience, I’ve learned more and more about the mindsets of successful dance athletes across the globe. From dancing for and choreographing for megastars like Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Paula Abdul; to choreographing for mainstream award and popular competition dance shows like the MTV Video Music Awards, the American Music Awards, So You Think You Can Dance and Come Dance With Me; to sharing my passion for dance in masterclasses in over 40 countries, I’ve collected valuable knowledge as a dance educator.


I’ve learned that, at the core, all dancers who want to be successful have at least one thing in common: The desire to be truly seen and heard in this industry. But that can be extremely challenging in a competitive industry, especially when our brains play tricks on us, telling us stories that undermine who we truly are and distracting us from the paths meant for our highest selves.


The truth is, the most successful and thriving dance athletes are individuals with a strong mindset fueled by an intentional and tenacious commitment to continuous inner growth. True transformation happens when we dive deeper, from a place of genuine love for one’s self, actively working to clear away mental obstacles and any sources of self-doubt.


During Shaped by Nika, you will learn how to be a better, more adaptable, more prepared, and well-rounded dancer. I will provide you with personalized guidance and feedback, helping you refine your technique, musicality, strength, performance quality, adaptability, and more.


Still, Shaped by Nika goes beyond the steps. Throughout this intensive, you will learn practical and actionable strategies to navigate the professional dance world successfully. I will use all of the tools I’ve acquired as a seasoned dance professional and certified life coach to help you cultivate a powerful mental skill set that will propel you towards your best career and your best self, for the long haul.


With Shaped by Nika, I create a safe space that encourages students to take risks and make them count, to make bold artistic choices, and embrace their authentic selves through dance.


Are you ready to grow? I got you. See you at Shaped by Nika.





*After you sign up, please send your IG handle to nikakljunbooking@gmail.com so that Nika can get to know you better.


*Please be aware that photo and video recording may be used at the training intensive.


*If you’re younger than 16 years old, you can be considered based on maturity and dance level. Please send your IG handle to nikakljunbooking@gmail.com for approval.


*If the cancellation occurs no later than 10 days before the start time, a reimbursement of 50% of the total session expense will be issued.