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In December of 2019, Nika was the focus of the most watched interview of the year from the Slovenian talk-show, “Od Blizu” (RTV, SLO), hosted by Vesna Milek. During the intimate interview, Nika discussed her dance and choreography career, life under Hollywood lights, personal struggles, triumphs and much more. Her journey resonates deeply with fans, who tuned in with record-breaking numbers for the year, to get the inside scoop about the Slovenian-born international influencer. Many fans continue to reach out to Nika to express gratitude towards her for sharing her story and providing inspiration for countless audience members. Honored by the far reach of her conversation with Milek, Nika was inspired to continue to use her voice for a purpose beyond dance—to relate to, and connect with her supporters and provide motivation for others. The full interview can be seen on the Slovenian RTV website.